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October 3, 2022: By popular request CSV-DSM 2 Ch 13
Posted by AC

It seems a few of you are kind of worried about how the last chapter of CSV-DSM part 2 ended ... so I've decided to post Chapter 13 before one of the pitchforks causes any damage! I've had to make some small adjustments to the house plans, so they're going to appear as soon as I have them updated. Other than that, our latest family seems to be coming together quite nicely ... and at least one of the Brazilian boys has no issue turning Grandma Morrisons own tactics against her!

The ride's getting godd, I hope you enjoy it!



October 3, 2022: Always be Suspicious!
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi DSS Hosting Clients / Fort Family Site Owners / Community Members,

Be on the lookout for emails claiming that your email address, domain name, or even your hosting service have been compromised, are in need of being renewed, or are in the process of being discontinued unless you respond. These are phishing attempts designed to trick you into responding to their request and in the process doing one of two things. One: tricking you into exposing personal information that can be exploited and Two: verifying that you are a live contact that can possibly be further exploited in the future.

These attempts have become more persistent in the last couple of years and from what I am reading, people are falling for it and clicking on those enclosed links or providing credentials when trying to log in to these fake sites, handing these people the ability to hijack your site or email. It happens far too often.

Be sure to flag these emails as spam, if we are providing your hosting let us know when you receive them so we can follow up, and if they claim to represent a real organization like Google, Yahoo, or even DSS Hosting, be sure to let that organization know what happened and be sure to forward a copy of the email in question.

If you ever believe your credentials could have been compromised, log in to your site/cPanel and change your password as soon as humanly possible. The sooner you act, the more likely you are to be able to prevent losing all your hard work or even more personal information. If you need assistance in securing your website, our clients can go to and fill out a request form. This will notify our staff and get you the quickest possible response. Other service providers have similar steps to gain assistance so be sure to check their main website for information.

Spread the word!
- Jeff

This sample is an actual email received by one of our clients. Blue text shows where I replaced information with a generic representation. Red indicates information that should raise red flags! All clickable links have been stripped for your protection:

Subject: [1] has initiated Removal of Your
Date: 2022-10-02 22:11
From: [1] Notification <>
Hi webmaster, (Simply using your email "name". We know your name and would use it.) removal from [1]
server has
been approved and initiated,
Due to ignorance of last verification warning. (We don't talk to our clients like this, EVER!  Big red flag!)
Removal will occur in exactly 48 hours (10/3/2022 4:11:04 a.m.
We recommend that you do any of the below and protect your mailbox
(c) 2022 [1]
_>>>>>>>>>> Please do not reply to this message. <<<<<<<<<< _
[1] (even starts with "http://" which won't be the case if you are hosted with DSS Hosting. Your domain will start with https://)

The Mustard Jar
September 28, 2022: Sequel
Posted by Ronyx

Readers are asking me to write a sequel to Finding Good Trouble. It would be easy for me to do. However, that would diminish the message I was trying to make in writing this story. It wasn’t necessarily about the boys in the story. It was about racism, racial injustice, prejudice and hate that occurred. We have seen time after time how communities react after a tragedy. We saw it with George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Sandy Hook, Uvalde and sadly, too many others. People come together and make commitments to improve the issues, whether it is racial injustice, police brutality, school safety or implementing new laws for gun control. To me, it isn’t important to write another story continuing the lives of Parker, Darius and Peter. We will assume that they go on to college, marry and live  happily ever after. But what about communities like Rosemont and Somerset? I want you, the reader, to take away a sense of responsibility that you are agents of change. As Parker thinks in the last line, ‘Today, we came together, but what about tomorrow?\' That is the message I want readers to remember most.

AC's Corner Cafe
September 24, 2022: Hold on to your seats ...
Posted by AC

First off, I hope everyone has caught up on the newest CSU author, SamIam; he's already plotting a storyline that you'll love!

Now, for the latest news, CSV-DSM Part Two has just gained ANOTHER new chapter ... Chapter 12: Intervention is now live and ready for your reading pleasure. Over the weekend, I'll post the blueprints for the house in the chapter; they're just about ready to go.

Enjoy the fun; you're about to get to know a few characters a little better, and we start to understand some things about our new friends from Brazil!



Shack OutBack
September 20, 2022: *S-K-Y-L-I-G-H-T* Returns To The Shack Tonight! :)
Posted by Comicality

Ok, ok...yeah, I know...I get it! Ok?

"Jesus, Comsie!" It takes him forever to do anything! Where's *MY* favorite story! He takes so long! I forgot about this! I have to start all over! Too long between chapters! It's been (Wastes time doing the calculations) THIS long since the last chapter! Arrrrghhhh!!!

Yeah, I get it. So now that we've gotten past that, let's approach the positives! Hehehe!

This was a story that I really did believe in and wanted to continue for a long time now, with a ton of high school gay teen romance, with a sci fi flavor, and a touch of horror thrown in for good measure! Hehehe! "SKYLIGHT" is my big disaster blockbuster story, and I challenged myself to do a lot of different things with this series that I had never done before. First of all, it's the biggest ensemble cast that I've ever worked with before (Or since, I believe). Also, it's written in the third person, which was definitely necessary for what I had planned for the story as a whole. Also, I tried to do something really new with transitioning from one group of characters to another, flawlessly, where every interaction felt as though it was somehow connected to everything else that was going on. So I was having a lot of fun with this series, despite the difficulty of being in a new space that I hadn't really been in before as a writer. I appreciated the obstacles being thrown in my path and just tried to push forward as best as I could. If you guys get a chance to respond, let me know how I did! I'd love to know! :P

That being said, the story involves a major celestial event that happens when a rather large comet nearly misses the Earth by a few million miles and is expected to pass over without much more than a bright show of colors and the awe of everyone who comes out to see it pass over. And then...something goes terribly wrong! Read more to find out what! And where this group of very different high school students are headed to next as they deal with some of the biggest threats that they've ever been a witness too! Enjoy!


More is on the way! So keep your eyes for it! Hehehe! Like I always never know what I might surprise you with next! And do NOT start making requests! LOL! PLEASE! It's either done already or in the works! It's like yelling at an antfarm to tell them how to build their tunnels. Like...chill. I've got this! ::Giggles:: This is not a Drive Thru window at McDonald's! Whatever you're thinking of asking's on the way! K? No hate. Just...give me a chance to give the coming stories some extra sparkle, k? Give me space to work, that's all I ask.

Big thanks to those of you who took the time to make a few donations to the account on the site! It helps sooooo much! And the less I have to worry about expenses, the more time and energy I have to spend on putting out new chapters of your favorite stories! So THANK YOU! Love you lots!

Also...there are new additions to the GayAuthors 20th Anniversary on the server now! And I'm not sure where they are, but here is the original link ( and I'll look for a separate link for the second batch so I can pass that along to you as well! K? But it's up there! So casually breeze on by and give them kudos for their hard work! K?

Alright! I'm out of here! I'll talk to you soon! Seezya! And stay beautiful!




"Maybe that’s why life is so precious. No rewind or fast forward… just patience and faith." -Cristina Marrero

Shack OutBack
September 15, 2022: Imagine Magazine For September
Posted by Comicality

Howdy, my beloved Shackers! ::Kisses:: I hope you guys are having a blessed day full of rainbows and sunshine and sneak peeks at a few cute butts in the public shower! Hehehe! They look extra hot when they're all soft and relaxed and sopping wet like that, don't they?

Whew...sorry...I got off topic for a minute there! :P

Anyway, let me keep this quick today and bug you with minimum exposure to my geeky annoyance! Hehehe! There's a brand ne issue available and live for September's issue of Imagine Magazine! Cool? So drop by when you get a chance, and read your fave stories as well as new articles and a variety of cute boys to boot! Have a blast! And let the authors know that you appreciate their hard work by clicking that green 'Up Vote' button on the bottom of every screen! K? It'll be good for your karma! :)


Anyway, have yourselves a good time! And while you're there, grab an Ebook or two! Get a whole collection! It's a great way to carry me with you on the go! Hehehe!


Seezya soon! And stay beautiful, folks!




"We can not guarantee success, but we can strive to deserve it." -George Washington

The Story Lover's Home
September 15, 2022: Official Announcement: New CSU Author
Posted by The Story Lover

'Goos' PNG

Attention All CSU Readers:

As Archivist of the Clan Short Universe, I hereby declare and confirm that the author known as SamIam has successfully completed the necessary requirements to be awarded the title Clan Short Universe Author and confer upon him all the rights and responsibilities which are consistent with the title.

On this day, September Fourteenth, in the year Two Thousand and Twenty-Two, let it be known that the story Oh Can You See has been reviewed and accepted as a Clan Short Universe Core Timeline story, and is considered a canonical part of the main storyline.

TSL Clan Short Archivist

Welcome to the CSU SamIam, as usual, all of CSU Stories will be co-hosted on the CSUhub as well. This is the only place for all the CSU Stories, Images, and Resources.

This post has been approved by The Clan Short Archivist. CSU Crest PNG

Portions of the post have been contributed by ACFan Creator of The Clan Short Universe.


(PS: Temporal Tranquilizers are in the third drawer on the left!)

Shack OutBack
September 14, 2022: A Bit Of Early Holiday Cheer! :)
Posted by Comicality

Merry Christmas, you guys! ::Snickers:: Yeah, I know that it's still Summer time, but who makes the rules about wishing somebody a merry Christmas anyway? And it's MERRY Christmas! Not HAPPY Christmas! You folks overseas stop that shit! Hehehe, it sounds weird! :P

Seriously though, I've got a surprise goodie for you all tonight! A brand new chapter of the series, "A Home For Christmas" is now up on the site and ready for you guys to dive into! And this will be finished up and made into an ebook for the holidays this year! So be sure to check out the last remaining chapters here for free! And, if you have a few extra bucks to spare (I always make my ebooks as cheap as I possibly can for you guys), feel free to pick up the re-edited and polished up version of the story and many others in the Comicality Ebook Section so you can carry it around with you wherever you go! Go ahead and get boners in public! It'll be cool, I won't tell! Promise! Hehehe!

Also, let me get down on my knees and plead for your awesome donations to the account on the site! It supports the site, which keeps me happy! And that means that I get time to work even harder to keep YOU guys happy! So thanks in advance! And I love you lots!

Enjoy the new chapter of "A Home For Christmas", and look forward to more of what Aric and Blake get up to as their holiday weekend moves forward from here! :P

Seezya soon! And there's more coming! ::Nods:: Believe me!

Happy 20th anniversary again, GayAuthors! Love you guys! :)




"First love is a kind of vaccination that immunizes a man from catching the disease a second time." -Honoré de Balzac

Shack OutBack
September 13, 2022: *GFD: Children Of Sunset 15* Posted!
Posted by Comicality

It is just past midnight where I am right now, which means that I can officially wish GayAuthors a very happy 20 year anniversary online! Thank you for building such an amazing place for encouraging and supporting some of the best writing talent online, and for being a symbol for quality, learning, and family! ::High Fives:: all around! September 13th is your day! So enjoy! And cheers to another 20 in the future!!!

Alright...I've got a ton of stuff to put out, so let me keep this short and get stuff ready to go! A little extra Comsie polish goes a long way, ya know? Hehehe!

Tonight, we've got a brand new chapter of "GFD: Children Of Sunset" waiting in the wings for ya! So check it out at GFD: Children Of Sunset @ SHACHOUTBACK.NET and let me know what you think of this 15th chapter! You know how much I love to hear from you guys! ::Giggles::

Speaking of which...thank you soooo much for all of the super sweet comments on my GA Anthology story, "If Memory Serves"!!! Wow, I really appreciate the comments and reviews! I am still behind, but I will be doing my best to read some of the others and giving reviews as well this coming week if I can! I've just banging away on this keyboard until my fingers crack lately! Hehehe! But Ill get back to you soon! MWAH! Thank you!

And if you haven't read "If Memory Serves" yet, be sure to check it out as a part of the anthology! And be sure to leave all of the authors some love and praise whenever you get a chance! I'm sure they more than deserve it! K?


Little last minute touches will be going up on this month's issue of Imagine Magazine soon! So look for that around the 15th (give or take), and see what other goodies we plan to have waiting for you! Also, if you've got something dark or spooky that you want to add to the October issue, let me know! I LOVE Halloween! Hehehe! So the more creepy fiction that we can get, the better! Hope to see ya then! Or take a look at all of our previous issues if you're just looking to smile for a while. :) We'll be happy to have you there!


More ebooks are coming this month, and even more in October! So look for those in the Comicality Ebook Section and pick up your copies today! And an INFINITE amount of thanks goes out to you guys who donated to the account!!! OMG! You guys always come in clutch! Thank you! And I love you lots! I couldn't keep doing this without your help!

That's it for now, but not for long! Stick around! Hehehe, you never know what might pop up next! ::Nods::

NO! Don't start making suggestions or leaving orders behind! Hehehe, it's not a drive-thru! Relax...and let me entertain you for a while. Shhhhhh! ::Kiss::

Take care! And I'll seezya soon!




"Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all." -Sam Ewing

The Story Lover's Home
September 11, 2022: September 11, 2001, A Fictional Version of What Happened!
Posted by The Story Lover

'Goos' PNG

2001 Never Forget PNG

Although I haven't heard from Scribe1971 in quite a while and Substitute Dad may never be finished, I would like you to read Chapters Fifty~Four through Fifty Seven of Substitute Dad! I believe that those four chapters are powerful pieces of writing and will give you an inside into what happened to the people at Ground Zero!

Again, here's hoping this never happens again,


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