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The Padded Room
June 8, 2024: Str8mayb R.I.P. June 2, 2024
Posted by The Story Lover

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I have to inform you that one of our own has left this plane of existence. However, don't be too sad because Str8mayb is going to Heaven to be with his wonderful wife Robyn. They both have left us too soon. How do I know that he is going to heaven? That is an easy question to answer, he is a Presbyterian and according to one of his favourite songs Heaven Is For Presbyterians. Str8mayb passed away Sunday,  June 2, 2024, he had been battling a severe version of Colitis, the same version that had hit him before. However, this time he couldn't recover.  Str8mayb was not only an author but he was an editor as well. Str8mayb like Comicality helped several authors become better writers, he even convinced several skeptical people to write. Str8mayb was also a former Admin of The Fort Family of sites until personal and work issues took away his time. As you maybe could tell Str8mayb had a very warped sense of humour, especially when it came to music. I am not sure whether Darryl The Radio Rancher corrupted him or vice versa. They were both diehard fans of the Frantics, Boot to the Head was another favourite of his. However, the thing that most of us will remember Str8mayb for is that he was the Evilest Author, and I can personally attest that he was evil. He took the slightly used Cliffhanger and elevated it to new heights. In fact, he raised the bar so high that I couldn't beat him with five Cliffhangers in one chapter. He was also a Master of Deception, he would lead you down the Primrose Path and then suddenly you are looking at the edge of a cliff with no way back. He would a lot of times end the chapter there. He was also known for carrying a Cliffhanger for several chapters. I learned a lot about misdirection and cliffhanger from him. Before I forget, Arli J. was one of the authors that Str8mayb convinced to write. While I will miss reading new words from him, what I will miss the most is writing collaborations by voice on Skype. Str8mayb, Darryl, Darryl and I had a lot of fun seeing which character we could cause to have the most trouble or cause the most trouble. Str8may gave me one of the highest compliments an author can give to another author; I had edited a chapter of his and I had added over fifteen hundred words. When Str8mayb got his chapter back he couldn't find the words I added. He told me that he didn't know where his words ended and mine began. He told Darryl the same thing several times as well. Str8may also created a character that had two nicknames the first one was "The Bengay Kid", and the second one was "The Modern Major General," a character from The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan. I have many amazing memories of a wonderful human being, and he will be sorely missed.

The Story Lover

Shack OutBack
June 4, 2024: Please help us look out for an extended family member!
Posted by JeffsFort

It would mean so much if you could take a look at our GoFundMe, “Support for Comicality's Mother in a Very Difficult Time”. Comicality's unexpected passing has hit us all very hard but his mother is now being overwhelmed with his final expenses while at the same time dealing with the loss of his income. Please donate or share with others—any help gets her closer to getting her head back above water. Thanks in advance for your kindness and support as we look out for the person who to Comicality was a rock through some very rough times.

Here’s the link:

The Mustard Jar
June 1, 2024: Happy Pride
Posted by Ronyx


Brynmor's Annex
May 27, 2024: Memorial Day
Posted by Brynmor

Ah, fellow members, though we may hail from all corners of this great globe, let us unite in solemn reverence for a momentous occasion fast approaching. As Memorial Day draws nigh, a sacred day of remembrance cherished in the hearts of our American brethren, let us pause, not merely as a gesture of camaraderie but as a tribute to valor unmatched.

For on this hallowed day, we pay homage to the gallant souls who, through the annals of history, sacrificed their very beings in service of noble causes. They, the guardians of liberty, stood unwavering against the tides of adversity, ensuring that the flame of freedom burned undimmed for generations hence.

Though oceans may separate us, let our spirits be bound by a shared reverence for the sacrifices made. Even as the sun reaches its zenith, let us mark the hour of three, as beseeched by the esteemed Veterans’ associations in the land of stars and stripes. Yet, should the hands of time dictate otherwise, let us, in every corner of the earth, pause for a fleeting moment at our local hour, and in that fleeting instant, honor those who bestowed upon us the gift of liberty.

For in this act of remembrance, we bridge the chasm of time and space, weaving a tapestry of gratitude that transcends borders and tongues. Let us not overlook the weight of this solemn duty, for it is upon the shoulders of the fallen that we stand tall, beneficiaries of their unwavering resolve.

So, my dear friends, as we stand on the precipice of Memorial Day, let us heed this call to reverence. Let us, with bowed heads and hearts heavy with gratitude, honor the memory of those who gave their last full measure of devotion. For in their sacrifice, we find the wellspring of our freedoms, and in our remembrance, their legacy endures.

Shack OutBack
May 11, 2024: Just a heads up
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi everyone,

So no one is shocked to see new stuff popping up on our Shack mirror site, I am going through all of Comsie's posted work and looking for any that he posted that may have slipped past me. So far I found one chapter and a short story that was written for GA that was a sequal to another that I had already carried over. He could be so hard to keep up with sometimes so there may be a couple more, who knows.

I also adjusted the site's overall title. It has always just said "Shack Outback" which was always cool when the boss was around to give his seal of approval. With him no longer being a voice in my ear while I work on it, I sort of wanted something to remind me who really owns the site, so I also mirrored the name of the original. "Comicality's Shack Outback" (It's not overly noticable but it is a little different from the original site.The original is posted as "Out Back" where the mirror is "Outback". That and the original is simply a directory to his work hosted on the Gay Author's forum. The mirror site was built as his archive of all of his work all standing alone. So, it wasnn't needed but I wanted his name up there where it belongs even if it's just a comfort to me.

So, if you hit for your Comicality fix or just want to revisit an old friend, take a look at the most recent stuff because there are some that are new to the site now. (I'll give the boss a hard time for slipping them past me someday, LOL!)

- Jeff -

Brynmor's Annex
April 29, 2024: Another Wonderful Author and Friend has passed. R.I.P.
Posted by Brynmor

On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, Comicality left us to begin his Sun Quest. He helped so many people with kind words and helpful thoughts. I'm currently at a loss for words. I wish I had his gift for words and creating a world for characters as he did. He will truly be missed. 


Thank You, Comicality for being there when we needed you. 

Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Rest In Peace.

April 26, 2024: Hope you're all sitting down for this shock
Posted by Boudreaux

There is an update to The Creator's Intent. Yeah, you know, that story I've been writing since 1986. That one. Try not to let the shock upset you too much. It briefly mentions a non consensual act that could be a trigger, but I hope I've kept it nondescript enough to be ok. It's why this chapter took so long to write since the last one. I rewrote it... a bunch of times. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the chapter overall as I believe it is much more uplifting than depressing.


AC's Corner Cafe
April 24, 2024: R.I.P. to a friend
Posted by AC

On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, the world lost a man that served as an example for more people than he even knew.

That man was Comicality; and those of us that he extended his guidance to are still reeling from the loss. He was the ear that would listen when your past came back to haunt you, he was the first one to lend support when an author thought they were not good enough, he never stood down in the face of attempted oppression when he knew it was wrong. Most of all, he was a friend who would stand by your side.

If it wasn't for him, you would not be able to read this today, as I would have never published the story that became the CSU; I would have never took the chance at joining what became the Fort Family, and I probably would still not accept myself for the real me. I'm not alone; far from it... he had that effect on anyone he made contact with. It still doesn't seem real, and even after a week I still am at a loss as to expressing just how much he's affected my life.

If you've read his story "Gone from Daylight", you'll understand the meaning of the next line...

On April 16, 2024, the Elder Comicality went on his Sun Quest.

Rest in Peace, dear friend;


The Story Lover's Home
April 22, 2024: Happy Earth Day
Posted by The Story Lover

'Goos' PNG

Dear Readers,

Today we celebrate Earth Day, please remember to treat our Earth kindly as it is the only one we have. Remember to Reduce JPG

Happy Earth Day PNG

Happy Reading,



True's Fandom
April 19, 2024: Comicality
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

It is with a sad heart that I write this News Post, True's Fandom was the first of the Fort Family of Sites to have the honour of hosting works by Comicality. Unfortunately, I have the sad task of informing you the readers of this site that Comicality passed away in the comfort of his family on Tuesday, April 16th, 2024. Comsie will be remembered forever for the unique and creative person that he was. Comsie was an inspirational person and was the reason that a lot of us started writing and are still writing.

Comsie will be sorely missed!

I want to thank TrueFan posthumously for getting Comsie's permission to host his stories on a Fort Family Site, that was and is an amazing honour.

Originally Posted by JeffsFort

In every chat and website I've had to make this announcement, I've struggled. This isn't going to be any different. Earlier this evening I received a phone call from one of Comicality’s relatives. As many of you may know, he has been very sick on and off for over a year now which was the result of a failing liver. I was informed that on Tuesday, 04/16 he lost his battle and quietly passed away, taking a piece of all of our hearts with him. He leaves many of us with the amazing work that he has shared throughout the decades that he has been “COMICALITY” to us and much like that work, I know my heart along with many others, is now forever incomplete.

We are going to have a discussion in the office and figure out what we can/should do to keep all of the projects we've worked on with him alive like this site. Almost 6 years ago I got to see firsthand how much work he put into everything he did to entertain us all when we aided in reviving his IMAGINE Magazine. His persistence and level of dedication re-lit that flame for myself and even though the magazine was supposed to simply be hosted by us, I’ve had my hand on the wheel and followed along as he pointed. It’s hard to imagine moving forward without him, but we do want to move forward for him. Myself and the entire team (real and 3D) are all brokenhearted and need our vision to clear so we can do his work justice.

– Rest in Peace Coms, We’ll continue to safeguard all that you created until we join you on the other side.

If you would like to leave a public message or meet others who have been touched by Comicality’s work, go to the memorial posted over on and leave a message. Comicality was hosted there and always worked hard to support the community. Go check it out.

Take care,


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