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Helping Hands

Rules for Helping Hands The purpose of this forum is to help all Members and Guests of the Board with problems facing them at home. As such, the main focus of this assistance is youths who are having problems with family and friends.

This is a support forum.  We don't claim to have all the answers, however, we do care and would like to offer help in any way we can, to anyone who seeks it out.

The use of this forum is subject to the following rules:

1. Please DO NOT encourage violent behaviour or encourage youths to leave home.

2. Please DO NOT include personal details, including real names, email or postal addresses, phone number or IM account names/numbers. All posts will be sent to Admins for review before displaying on board to ensure no personal details are given, but are slowed when we have to remove these details.

3. If you wish to engage in one-on-one assistance with another Member or Guest, please contact one of the Board's Admin and we can organise one-on-one help for you with a Member who has experience. If you engage in one-on-one contact with another person without the Admins' knowledge, you do so at your own risk.

4. All other Board rules regarding language and behaviour apply.

5. Any Member or Guest found to be in violation of these rules will face banning from the Board.

6. If you believe that a post or Member/Guest is in violation of these rules, inform a Board Admin for immediate review.

Please conform to these rules to ensure the safety of the users of this forum.


The Mail Crew

An information and support site for e-mail groups that encourage gay, lesbian,
bi, and not-sure high school students to communicate with one another on a
personal, at-home level

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White Ribbon Campaign

Resources and information for Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Not Sure teens to prevent teen suicide. Plenty of links for support and more information about being a Gay teen

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The Albert Kennedy Trust

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